Active Living in Darnestown, MD – Great Ideas for Making the Most of Time Spent with Grandkids

We’ve all seen happy images, Hollywood movies, and television shows about the bond between grandparents and grandchildren. Much the same as these make-believe stories, the real bonds between generations of family members are important for a family. Grandparents can help share important virtues like morals, discipline, and respect. More importantly, grandparents can play an extremely important role in raising their grandchildren as many grandparents can often have a little bit more sway than parents do.

  • Spending Time with Grandkids
  • Sometimes going to visit the grandchildren can be as quick as drive down the block. Other times, it’s a long plane ride or drive across the country. Regardless of where your children and parents live, the following are some helpful ways to spend quality time together.

  • Trade hobbies/projects
  • Your parents may not be familiar with the latest video games or popular toy. Likewise, your child may not find the hobbies their grandparents do to be familiar or interesting. Have them teach each other a simple hobby or project. Both of them can spend some quality time together while learning something new.

  • One-on-one time
  • While countless activities are family related and involve everyone, sometimes it’s good to spend some alone time together. Maybe make a special trip to nice location, like the ocean or mountains, or going to see a fun movie. Engaging in these simple activities can be beneficial toward getting to know one another.

  • Pull out the photo books.
  • Future generations are continually growing up in a digital age, where everything will be viewed on a tablet or smartphone. Bring out some old photo albums of the family or fun trips. Since so many pictures or videos are on the Internet now, it may be cool to show your children black and white images and old pictures of their grandparents.

    Other important things you can do are plant a garden, plan a picnic, use video chats or letters to stay in touch, or plan a monthly activity. There are many traits grandparents can pass on to their grandchildren, and with so many different ways to keep in touch and communicate, grandparents have all the tools at their disposal to have a meaningful impact in their grandkid’s life. Your parents should be as involved as they can be in your children’s lives. Even though distance or other things may make it difficult at times, making the effort to connect your senior parents with their grandkids will make the entire family closer-knit and love spending time together. Maybe your parent needs some extra help with cooking balanced meals or keeping their home clean – you can hire elderly home care. A caregiver can also accompany your senior parent to family get togethers.