First Post


You love your life at Hemet West, but there may come a time to move closer to family. And you will need to sell your home. How long will it take?

Selling your home is not a quick process, but it can be a successful experience. You should expect your home to be on the market at least three months AFTER you are ready to list it for sale. Remember that clean, de-cluttered, and move in ready homes sell the fastest and bring the best prices.

So, here are some tips to prepare your home for sale:
1. Clean your home from top to bottom. Make it spotless.
2. Have your carpet professionally cleaned.
3. Replace the carpet if you have pets or it is stained or worn.
4. Use an air cleaner if you smoked or had pets.
5. Remove unwanted clutter and store excess furniture in a storage unit.
6. Patch the walls and fill the nail holes before adding a fresh coat of paint.
7. Clean out and tidy the storage shed.
8. Replace burned out or broken light bulbs.
9. Get a home and termite inspection and make necessary repairs.
10. Repair now, to get a higher sales price. Buyers will request repairs which will reduce your sale proceeds.
10. Stage your home to make the best first impression.

And, here are some tips for selling your home:
1. If you want your home shown, use a real estate professional who not only knows Hemet West, actively sells Hemet West, and focuses on the manufactured housing industry.
2. Drop by the Hemet West Management Office and complete the intent to sell form as soon as you want to sell.
3. Keep your home neat and tidy; make your bed made each morning so your home will be ready for showing on short notice.