One of Hemet West’s best new activities is growing more popular every day in our Community Garden. Some of our creative fellow residents have dubbed this little corner of our world “The Garden of Eatin.” Every growing season residents who want to try their own “green thumbs” can plant and care for their own vegetables and vibrantly colored flowers in the [oh so easy on the back] elevated garden boxes you’ll find here. We’re already noticing folks gathering early in the morning and sharing stories of plants and flowers, a few secret growing tips while they happily tend to their “beauty boxes.” Some have even been seen whispering a few secret words to their “children” encouraging them on. [ We’re not telling who though…shhh ]

Then when the daily chores are done, most mornings gardeners gather in the covered picnic cove to share their veggies, more stories, recipes, and some good ol’ back fence smiles and carrying on about all the people and things that make us such a special place to be. And the best part: ” What happens in the Community Garden, stays in the Community Garden.”

So, we’d love for you to join us and yes, there’s still time to reserve your garden spot for a fall garden because we know waking up to fresh flowers and veggies on your table in the morning can change everything. Just email, and we can help you get started.

Keep discovering the very best of Hemet West!