What is happening to the Office. Well, we are getting a facelift (the Office, not the Managers), ergonomic chairs, a new updated phone system and new computers! If you ask the Ladies, they will all uniformly say, “YEAH AT LAST!” Please be patient with the dust and displaced managers as we spiffy up their digs.

These changes are designed to help Robin, Tammy, Leah, Maureen and Gerri keep our community looking great and running smoothly as well as coordinating the everyday operational tasks, overseeing special projects, and making sure our wonderful events happen without a hitch.

Now for a few Hemet West “Management” items:

STAY TUNED. A new Hemet West Directory has gone to press. Let this be your first choice for contacting your neighbors. It is absolutely the best source to find their current telephone number.

When you received your monthly rent and utility bill, please read THE MANAGERS CORNER to get a “heads up” on “happenings in Hemet West.” For regular day-to day-business related questions, Emails and phone calls to the office are always best during business and office hours 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. An answering service will take your messages outside our opening hours and at lunch. But don’t forget that you can send your email any time of day or night to: management@hemetwest.com.

And a new appointment system is coming so you can set up a specific time to meet with one of the Managers. This will help us manage out time better and you will spend less time on hold or waiting at the counter. Watch for details in THE MANAGERS CORNER.

Thanks for being a Hemet West Resident! And as always we ask that each of you help in any way that you can to keep our beautiful community safe, looking great, and running smoothly each and every day.

Our very best to all of you.